We are a ship broker and Chartering Agent in Sweden Gothenburg. With experience dating back to the sixties we are serving mainly Swedish customers and providing solutions in the dry cargo segment. The northern forest industry has always been our core business working directly with mills or via traders. We also do other type of bulk cargoes from the Swedish industry such us steel, grains and chemicals. We also have a long experience with Project cargoes where we often work closely together with forwarders.

With our office based in Gothenburg we have the advantage of being very close to the maritime industry with a big cluster of forwarders, traders and maritime organisations.



1961 - Per Kjellén & co was founded by Per Kjellén. Initially the company was mainly involved with Spanish timber importers.

During the 70 & 80s the company was also heavily involved in the container and RoRo business being Agent for Maersk & DFDS among other ship owners. 

1977 - Leif Donnermalm joined the company.

1986 - The company changed profile with the start of Kjellén Chartering AB together with Leif Donnermalm as owners, going back to the roots of doing mainly forest products and other bulk commodities using conventional vessels mainly together with ship owners Spliehoff who still today remain our closest Partner.

1996 - Per Kjellén retired and Kjellén Chartering then became a family based company with Leif Donnermalm continuing together with Inger Donnermalm as owners of the company.

2012 - The son of Leif and Inger Ted Donnermalm joined the company, handling most of the chartering activities.

2016 - The company changed the name to Donnermalm Shipping AB better representing the now family based organisation.