We offer world wide shipment solutions.

With the broad capabilities of our partners we can arrange solutions for any type of cargo in the dry cargo segment and between any destinations. 


Although we have possibilities to offer solutions on any market world wide, our core market have always been the Baltic Region and the Continent. 

From Sweden & Finland we offer a semi liner service with weekly sailings:

- Short sea to the continent or any destination.

- West and East Mediterranean (Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and north African countries among others).  

- East coast USA (Main ports is Baltimore and Jacksonville, but also other subject to inducement). 


On a monthly basis we offer following service from the Baltic/Continent:

- Great lakes (Always Antwerp - Cleveland)

- US Gulf

- Caribbean, Venezuela and Central America

- South America (Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina)

- West and South Africa

- Australia, New Zealand and Far East